Need ongoing helpdesk support for Office 365? Our CI-Reassure service covers both your ongoing adoption of Office 365 and those unexpected moments when you need someone to turn to.

The Office 365 Support & Improvement Service


“We love Office 365. But we’d like the reassurance that if we have a problem we can just pick up the phone and there’ll be someone on the other end who can sort us out.”

Sound familiar?

The CIReassure Service means you can rely upon your Microsoft Office 365 instance to run your business, to enable your staff to collaborate and work effectively together

You’ll have worked with us on either CIFastStart or CIInvigorate. You now have an effective installation of Microsoft Office 365 having deployed at least the core applications, Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint. Your key users have been trained, and your business has the appetite to sustain and grow your Office 365 instance, while continuing to seek the full business benefits available from implementing and most importantly, adopting the wider Office 365 platform.

We want to ensure that the appetite for more remains strong at all levels in your business, and we can help you extract yet more value from your investment in Office 365 by identifying further opportunities to deliver the additional business benefits.

Continuous Improvement

Upon completion of CIFastStart or CIInvigorate, you will have received a roadmap detailing the steps and technologies we recommend that will deliver even more benefits to your business. We will discuss with you how to progress this.

A key feature of CIReassure is that your CI Account Manager will regularly consult with you, involving your contact on the CI Service Desk, to review and analyse recent calls and issues. As well as identifying opportunities to improve the service you receive, they’ll also be looking for opportunities to implement the roadmap recommendations. They may also suggest further innovations such as bespoke app development, or a rollout of a further Office 365 service, for example Flow or Power BI.

Training, consultancy and development services provided by CI beyond the scope of the Service Desk agreement will be separately charged at a daily rate agreed with you in advance.

Keep it running

To ensure continued access and usability, we provide CI Service Desk, a first line helpdesk service to resolve technical and access problems. The number of hours or cases handled per month, the number of users covered and the availability (9-6, 8-8 or 24hr, and either 5 or 7 days/week) will be agreed with you in advance for a fixed monthly fee.

Problems that the Service Desk is unable to resolve will be escalated – in the case of Office 365 the escalation path is to our Microsoft master reseller partner and, if required, to Microsoft direct. In the case of other services (telephony or networking for example) the escalation path will be to the provider of the relevant services. We’ll take care of this coordination – we won’t pass the buck or claim it’s not our problem.

Depending on your existing arrangements, CI Service Desk is available for all your Microsoft Cloud solutions hosted on the Azure platform and your own local and wide area networks.  We think that it is vital to support all the components that give you access to your cloud applications and data, regardless of where you are working, whether you’re in the office, working from home or ‘on the move’.

Regarding your endpoint devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, CI Service Desk will ensure the continued security and compliance of your data on these devices. However the devices themselves are best supported by the vendor who supplied the equipment so you can take full advantage of their warranties and expertise.