Implementation proceeds in phases to ensure both usable functionality and user acceptance. Conformance to plan is achieved through a joint CI – client Technical Design Authority (TDA).


The Implementation & Assurance Service

Digital Evolution of business processes means the overall business transformation will be realised through a series of discrete, step-by-step sub-projects – each probably including a mix of configuration, development, 3rd party and integration components designed to implement a complete function or process while delivering real, tangible and useful value.

Technical architectural assurance is built into the solution governance process through the creation and running of a Technical Design Authority (TDA) which will comprise one or more business representatives, a CI project manager and a representative from the technical implementation partner. This body’s mandate is to keep the solution on track and realise the overall business vision for for the Digital Evolution. The TDA is also used to manage the architectural and design impacts of change that are expected in an agile environment.

Delivery is all about the incremental realisation of the solution, making ‘quick wins’ available as early in the implementation cycle as possible and showcasing the complex deliverables in stages throughout the development phase for feedback and enhancement. CI advocates working in an Agile manner to deliver results across business, IT development, IT operations and IT QA functions through working collaboratively. Effective use of  the Implementation and Assurance service ensures that everything will be in place for the business to move to the next stage: CI-Adopt.

Benefits of properly implementing and assuring the Digital Evolution implementation include:

  • Continuous delivery of capabilities
  • Faster, more reliable, feature delivery
  • Easier adoption by staff within the business, as well as external third parties
  • A stable and reliable operating environment.