How prepared is the business, its processes, IT systems and its people, to adopt Digital Evolution effectively? What needs to be done first?


The Business Readiness Service

In CI-Ready, Cameo Innovations executes a series of analysis, evaluation, reporting and playback activities to establish how ready the client organisation is to embrace Digital Evolution and extract business value from the range of capabilities that new technologies can offer.

This includes not only the business’s IT systems and networks, but we’ll also look at the business’s processes and procedures – how they’re currently conducted and how effectively these can be improved by using available technology. Most importantly, we’ll look at the people in the business and how ready they are to adopt changes in the way they work to allow them to benefit from Digital Evolution.

At the end of this service, which typically takes 2-3 weeks, Cameo Innovations will deliver two documents that set out a recommended approach to moving the business forward. These are:

  • Digital Evolution Business Benefits Realisation
  • Digital Evolution Implementation and Adoption

In combination, these reports suggest actions that need to be taken before moving forward and our recommendations for the most effective way to move forward. This process will be further detailed, and likely even modified, during the next phase of Business Design – CI-Design.

Benefits of performing a proper evaluation and assessment of the readiness of the business include:

  • Ensure all technical prerequisites are implemented
  • Identify areas of the business requiring additional preparation
  • Ensure everyone in the business is “on the same page”