Ensure all users within the business adopt each stage of Digital Evolution as it’s delivered, and embed its use in their normal working practices, realising demonstrable return on investment.


Business Adoption

This service helps customers to achieve and maintain required levels of adoption of Digital Evolution in their businesses. Ensuring a high level of adoption increases the business’s return on investment, taking it beyond the initial “technical” savings obtained from, for example, moving servers and the associated infrastructure (electricity, cooling, capital expenditure & depreciation) into the cloud. This service is designed to ensure that the business’s people embed the use of changes and improvements delivered through Digital Evolution into their regular working practices in a sustainable manner.

Cameo Innovations will not only manage this process, but also survey and evaluate the impact and benefit, publishing the results and reporting on areas that may require further effort, and those where additional benefits may be obtained.

Benefits of managing and maintaining high levels of adoption include:

  • Realising the previously defined business benefits, which are achievable only through high levels of staff adoption
  • Improved collaboration, greater creativity & innovation
  • Improved productivity, greater efficiency & effectiveness, lower costs
  • Improved mobility, improved and more timely participation and decision making
  • Improved insight & business intelligence, more complete, better & faster access to business data