Mid Market Firms

Mid Market Firms are those with between 50 and 5,000 employees. They’re often companies that have recently grown from smaller organisations and find their business processes and IT systems are becoming increasingly stretched. By considering how technology and cloud-centric computing can be used to transform information flow, information access, collaboration and communication within the business, Cameo Innovations helps such businesses embrace Digital Transformation to become much more effective while reducing their operating costs.

“Digital transformation is changing every aspect of the business landscape, provided that leaders are ready to embrace it.” 

Tereza Litsa, The Rising Opportunity of Digital Transformation: What Businesses Need to Know, ClickZ Website

The Harvard Business Review report that’s covered in the article indicates that 51% of Professional Services businesses surveyed said that their industry being disrupted by digital technology was very likely.

We’ve already seen with industries including newpaper publishing, music, hotels and taxi services, digital disruption can put those players that aren’t already embracing new technology at a massive competitive disadvantage. Taxi companies that had already implemented mobile booking and information sharing apps such as mytaxi were better able to defend their market share against the rise of Uber than those that continued to rely on legacy methods such as on-street hailing and phone bookings.

But rather than trying to implement Digital Transformation as a single “big bang” project, which can be seen as too risky, too expensive and likely to be resisted, Cameo Innovations recommends Digital Evolution: the step-by-step transformation of a business’s systems, each step being discrete, complete, separately budgeted and delivering incremental benefits to the business.

To enable Mid Market firms to embrace the opportunities and obtain the benefits from the Digital Transformation of their business, Cameo Innovations offers a range of Digital Evolution services:

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