Digital Transformation is a hot buzz-word at the moment. It is generally held to mean the use of digital technologies to transform how a business works at all levels. But businesses will embrace this only if it’s not too painful, and if it is shown to deliver real, tangible benefits. Furthermore it’s important to recognise that this is about implementing your chosen business strategy in the best possible way – it’s driven by business needs, not by the technology.

“The cloud is your best way to layer-in new functionality without rebuilding your existing platform.” – Ted Schadler, Forrester

That’s exactly the Cameo Innovations’ view. Embracing the cloud is the most effective way to enable Digital Evolution – a managed and step-by-step approach to implementing digital transformation – working with a trusted partner that’s experienced in managing change and driving adoption. In our view that’s likely to work better than Digital Revolution!

According to technology analyst company Gartner, the top five expected outcomes of embracing Digital Transformation are:

(Source: Gartner’s IT Market Clocks for 2016: Digital Transformation Demands Rapid IT Modernization)

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