Our mission is:

To enable our clients to realise and exceed their vision for their business in the modern digital marketplace while maximising the benefits of Digital Transformation to their business through thorough assessment, preparation, planning, innovation and employee engagement.

How do our clients benefit?

Many small and mid-market businesses are not using technology to its best advantage.

In many cases they think they are, but they could be doing so much more. If all you’re doing with the Cloud is email and file storage then you’re one of them. Taking advantage of all the other capabilities of cloud and digital technologies to improve your business while reducing its operating costs is exactly what Digital Transformation is about.

But many smaller businesses are change-resistant. They’re reluctant to embrace a major digital revolution because it’ll distract them from what they really want to do – sell and deliver great products and services to their customers. We recommend Digital Evolution – achieving the ultimate goal of Digital Transformation but in small discrete incremental changes, each of which delivers real business value.

Here are a few examples. We can suggest many more, but we know you’re busy! If you want to hear about others, contact us.

Automate manual tasks

Automating manual clerical tasks can release skilled people to do more productive, perhaps even revenue-generating, work.

We automated the anti-money-laundering (AML) document processing and storage for a client. Their clients’ identity documents are now securely stored in the cloud along with an expiry or renewal date. Just before that date is reached, an email is automatically generated to request an updated copy. Because the documents contain sensitive personal information they’re encrypted in storage. When replacement documents are received, they’re scanned, approved and securely stored with a new renewal date – or rejected and further replacements requested.

We also implemented an iPhone app, so a member of staff can photograph documents that clients bring in. The app prompts for some basic information and the new renewal date, then uploads the document to secure storage. It’s immediately deleted from the phone to eliminate the risk of the personal data in the document being compromised.

This system, which took only a couple of days to configure, saved the firm several person-days effort per month, so it paid for itself in weeks. And we used software from Microsoft Office 365 (including SharePoint, Flow, Forms and PowerApps) which the firm was already licensing, so there were no additional software or storage costs.

Connect separate systems together

Most businesses have at least an office/email system, a CRM system and an accounting system. In many cases they export and import Excel or .csv files to move data between the apps, and they copy and paste this data to compile management reports in an Excel spreadsheet. This works, but it’s time consuming and it risks leaving sensitive data in unencrypted files on intermediate devices; in many cases this entire process could be automated.

Many CRM systems and accounting apps integrate with each other in the Cloud, so data can be shared between the apps dynamically. Combine this with the the business intelligence tool in Office 365 (PowerBI), and the compilation of monthly reports that include complex data from multiple systems can be automated. This saves time and effort, and doesn’t leave data files lying around.

We’re know of a major multinational that compiles its statutory quarterly reports in days using such a process. If they can do it with a multi-million pound turnover, so can you.

Single sign-on

How much more convenient would it be for your staff to have to remember only one, secure, password? Surely that’s more secure, and less time-consuming than them using multiple easy-to-remember (and therefore easy to guess) passwords for multiple systems and having to repeatedly log-in to the email system, the accounts system and the CRM system?

Many of these apps support single-sign-on systems such as Microsoft AAD. This means that, properly configured, simply logging into Windows 10 will share the user’s credentials with each of the apps to which they have access. They won’t be faced with repeated requests to log in and re-authenticate themselves. Not only convenient and time-saving, but more secure too.

Find out more

These are just a few examples of how we can help your business work more effectively and save money.

Whether you run a small business, or work in a larger one, we can help you digitally evolve, improving your business processes, integrating systems, automating tasks, securing your business’s sensitive and personal data and collaborating internally and with customers and suppliers more effectively. We can also secure your team’s personal mobile devices, so if they lose the device, or if they leave the company, your data isn’t at risk.

We work with your team to encourage engagement and adoption of the new systems and processes – because your business will only realise the benefits if these systems are actually used in day-to-day activities. And we can demonstrate how Digital Transformation can reduce your operating costs too.

Explore our website to find out more, or contact us today.