Marketing is probably the business sector that has most effectively embraced Digital Transformation.

The new age of digital marketing is increasingly migrating technology spend from the IT department into CMO’s budget. Some years ago, Gartner, the technology research & analysis company, predicted that by 2017 the CMO would be spending more on IT than the CIO.  And in many large businesses this is now true.

Marketing Automation, content marketing, web tracking, CRM, Social Media marketing and monitoring, behaviour modelling and client brands digitally transforming their own core businesses are driving this trend.

As this article about the barriers to digital transformation in Marketing Week* suggests, larger brands are increasingly bringing in external experts to assist their in-house teams to be able to fully embrace the opportunity that digital transformation offers. Smaller organisations are keenly aware they can’t do this in house, so the opportunity for providing digital marketing services continues to grow for agencies and service providers with relevant expertise.

But what about the marketing service providers, consultants and agencies themselves – is this a case of “cobbler’s children”? Are these the kids without shoes? Is your marketing agency delivering digital marketing and digital transformation for your clients but not really embracing this internally?

If so, Cameo Innovations can help. One member of our team has over 30 years experience in marketing, in both in-house and agency roles, so we have the ability to understand your business and work out how you might use technology in your own business processes and activities more effectively.

We can help you identify how Digital Evolution – the digital transformation of your own business in small discrete, self-contained steps, can significantly improve effectiveness, reduce costs and even enable you to offer new and innovative services to your clients. We do this, not with marketing automation, Instagram marketing or web tracking systems – which you know more about than we do – but with your office systems, your accounting system, your email, your document storage and access, your client data security, your mobile device management and your communication and collaboration tools. And we can work with you to prepare for GDPR which comes into force in May 2018.

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