The Charity sector is the one, in our opinion, that could benefit most from embracing digital technologies and Digital Transformation.

Often charities focus on reducing their costs to the bone in order to provide as much money as possible for their direct charitable activities. But as a charity you’re in competition with other charities for those donors, and their attention. So you should be looking at the effectiveness of your organisation, and the management and operation of your charity with as hard and clinical a view as any manager in a conventional for-profit business.

Digital Transformation could make an enormous difference to how your charity is run, how efficient and effective it is, how you raise money, how you manage your operating costs to ensure you maximise the value to your donors and the benefit to the recipients.

Digital transformation has been leading the way for many charities, helping them to improve their processes and communication, increase productivity and ultimately drive growth. However, as our Charity Digital Skills Report revealed … charities are at serious risk of being left behind if they cannot get to grips with digital.

Zoe Amar, author of the Charity Digital Skills Report, quoted in April 2017

Worryingly that very report suggests that up to half of charities have no digital strategy. They run a real risk of being overtaken by those that do and who are already implementing it.

However, we think that just the term “Digital Transformation” discourages charities and not-for-profit firms from even considering it. It implies major disruptive change, which can be scary and demotivating. We have an alternative: Digital Evolution. This ultimately achieves the same objective of using technology to transform the organisation, but gradually, one discrete, self-contained step at a time. Each step delivers a tangible business benefit, while giving the people and the organisation time to adapt, adopt and embed new systems, processes or behaviours before moving on to the next phase. At any point the organisation can pause, and then re-engage later.

At Cameo Innovations we’ve been working with charity organisations since we founded the company; we’ve delivered significant value in process improvements, cost reductions, data security and achieving regulatory compliance.

We can do all this and more for your charity too.

We can help you identify the best apps and systems to use, how best to license them to minimise the cost, how to connect them together and exchange data between them to save time and effort, gain new insights and potentially deliver new and better services. We can automate repetitive processes so you can release your valuable resources to help deliver the service you established the organisation to do. We can also help you secure your most valuable data – whether it’s donor information or data on those you’re helping – and we can usually find discounted software licenses for your full-time staff, and perhaps even free-of-charge licenses for your volunteers!

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