CI’s Mission

To enable our clients to improve their business operations by iteratively applying the benefits of digital technology.  We employ a step-wise approach, using continual assessment, planning, innovation and employee engagement to deliver a low-risk Digital Evolution that delivers significant improvement of the client’s business.

CI’s Vision

We are confident that embracing digital technology is a vital activity in enhancing a business’s place and reputation in its market. Technology is a tool to achieve this. We focus our efforts on improving our client’s processes and supporting successful adoption by an engaged and motivated workforce.

We enable Digital Evolution, and ensure its successful deployment, by helping our clients step-by-step through the digital transformation of their business – each step delivering real business benefits and useful capabilities. Our methodology enables this to seamlessly realise the full opportunity to deliver tangible value through innovation in client engagement, business practice, user empowerment, security and compliance, transaction processing, management information, mobility, collaboration and communication. We do this while reducing costs and delivering a demonstrable return on investment.