Cameo Innovations is an international consultancy that specialises in helping our clients to find, extract and deliver more value from their investment in Digital Transformation. We believe that Digital Transformation, while key to the success of the 21st century business, is complex and therefore it should be delivered in such a way as to minimise disruption and risk.

This is achieved by executing Cameo Innovations’ Digital Evolution approach that is designed to achieve a steady stream of incremental benefits, at our client’s pace, until the full suite of business benefits is fully realised. We further believe that clients will differentiate themselves not by whether they embark on a Digital Transformation project, but by how they realise the outcomes to increase turnover, reduce costs, improve efficiency and deliver innovative new products and services to their customers.

Our role is not to become the main player in this scenario, nor to hog the limelight by trying to maximise the number of person days we can bill for, but to appear in a few scenes, catalyse change, demonstrate real return on investment, and then leave the stage. Hence the name Cameo Innovations – we’re not the leading actor, that’s our clients’ role, we play the cameo part that moves the action forward.

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